Water Management

Water Management

Water Management – PHDRDF Jal Sanchayan

Restoring the ecological balance is imperative for agrarian communities in India. PHDRDF Jal Sanchayan aims to improve the livelihood of rural communities by protecting/restoring the natural water resource base. Following activites are undertaken for promoting sustainable water management:

• Rainwater Harvesting Structures
• Conservation of Water Through Watershed Technology & Practices
• Availability of Water

PHDRDF is a pioneer in constructing water harvesting projects, like check dams to recharge ground water level, installation of lift irrigation system to increase ease of access of water in farmlands and revival of existing water structures like village pond. PHDRDF has constructed around 180 water harvesting structures so far across Rajasthan and Haryana. This year PHDRDF has constructed 17 water harvesting structures and installed five lift irrigation systems.

Focus Area

A. Lift Irrigation System Installation

05 Lift Irrigation Systems (LIS) was installed for 04 check dams built by PHDRDF with support from various donors. This intervention provides greater access to the reservoir water and enabled the farmers to achieve maximum utilization through effective usage (minimizing the wastage of water) of the water resources. Installation of a LIS in a farm land enriches the soil fertility thereby increasing yield.

B. Rotary India Water Conservation Trust

• PHDRDF completed the construction of Lal Kuan Joshi Wala Check dam in Alwar Rajasthan with support of RIWCT (Rotary India Water Conservation Trust). The dam aims to reach out to 500 beneficiaries by recharging the water table in the locality.

• Construction of a water reservoir – Baba Chand Chak Nath Wala, was done with the support of Rotary International at Pataudi, Haryana. 45 Rotarians from three countries i.e. Germany, France and India volunteered for three days during the construction process. The reservoir will provide safe water to more than 1600 direct beneficiaries across the village and will be utilised for irrigation and dairy purpose.

• PHDRDF with support of Rotary Club of Delhi South Central constructed three Check Dams – Dola Bhata, Mandir Wala and Tatla Wala in Sikar, Rajasthan. The dam aims to provide water to more than 2000 beneficiaries across 6 villages by recharging the water table in the locality. The dams were inaugurated in the presence of Rotary members- Mr SC Sarda President, Mr Mukesh Agarwal, Secretary, Mr Arun Kataruka and other members of Rotary Delhi South Central Club, before being duely handed over to the community.

• With the support of Hager Foundation (Germany) through Mr. Philippe Dangelser (Rotarian from France) , PHDRDF constructed two check dams in Sikar, Rajasthan – Saidalawala and Babawala, which will benifit 5000 villagers. The dams were inagurated by the team from Hager Foundation and RIWCT – Ms Evi Hager (Trustee – Hager Foundation), Ms. Susanne Trockle (Trustee – Hager Foundation) and Mr. Philippe Dangelser (RIWCT), in the presence of the village people.

• Two check dams– Binjari Wala and Onda Wala in Sikar and Alwar, Rajasthan respectively are being constructed with support of Eau Sans Frontières Internationale, France through Mr. Philippe Dangelser. These will benefit around 2500 people post completion.

• PHDRDF along with members of RIWCT and Hager Foundation released a booklet titled ‘Conserving Water in the Dry Lands of Rajasthan and Haryana’ which enlisted the 58 water harvesting structures built by PHDRDF in partnership with RIWCT

C. HSIL Limited- Water Projects

PHDRDF partnered with HSIL on February 12, 2015 and constructed two Check Dams – Pandawala and Nariyawala at Khotidarifa and Guwarahar respectively in Alwar District of Rajasthan. It is estimated that the project will benefit more than 1500 people by recharging the ground water and conserving the surface water for both irrigational and domestic use.

D. Trianz India Ltd & Hindustan Tin India Ltd- Check Dam

PHDRDF with support from Trianz India Ltd & Hindustan Tin India Ltd constructed the Beena Wala Check Dam in Alwar, Rajasthan. The dam will provide water to 1625 beneficiaries by recharging the water table in the locality and will also revive the green cover around the dam area.

E. Japan Water Check Dams

PHDRDF constructed a 700 ft long Check Dam with water holding capacity of 16 Lacs cu.mt in Mohammadabas Village of Firozpur Jhirka block in Haryana in partnership with the Embassy of Japan.
The dam was duely inaugurated by Shri Naseem Ahmad MLA, block Firozpur Jhirka in presence of the team from the Embassy of Japan – First Secretary Mr. Shinichi Higuchi, Development Consultant Ms. Rie Tomita, Project Coordinator Ms. Aditi Sharma; and the team from PHDRDF – Chairman Mr. Ramesh Adige, Director Finance of PHDCCI Mr. Vijay Choudhary and other representatives from PHDRDF.
Mr. Shinichi Higuchi First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan said, “this is the longest check dam that they have supported so far and it plays a significant role in strengthening the friendship of India and Japan.”
f.S.S.Kothari & Co. and Hindustan Tin Works Ltd.
PHDRDF with joint support of S.S.Kothari & Co. and Hindustan Tin Works Ltd. constructed a check dam at Jodhli Wala in Sikar District of Rajasthan. The dam aims to provide water of 517 beneficiaries by recharging the water table in the locality.

F. Dhanuka Agritech Limited

A MoU was signed between PHDRDF and Dhanuka Agritech limited for constructing two water check dams at Mainpura ki Dhani and Sankotra in Neemla Tehsil, Jaipur, and Rajasthan. The construction is in progress and after completion the project will benefit approximately 2142 people.

G. Ananda – The Coca Cola India Foundation

Ananda – The Coca-Cola India Foundation, works towards sustainable development and inclusive growth by focusing on issues relating to water, the environment, healthy living and social advance so that it can contribute to a strong and resolute India enabling the common man to better his or her life.
PHDRDF and Ananda have partnered to construct one check dam in Jugalpura, Sikar district Rajasthan. The dam will benefit 6,500 people of 4 villages after its completion.

H. Oriental Carbon Chemicals Limited

PHDRDF in partnership with OCCL has installated two hand pumps in Loharo Ki Dhani Village, Surajpura, and Haryana.